How to fold the steering tube up

1. Fold the steering tube upright and push the two bolts into position 
2. Use an 8mm Allen Key to securely tighten the bolts in place

How to switch on the Black Mamba

1. Press the middle button for 3 seconds to turn the Black Mamba on
2. Choose your mode by pressing the up and down buttons
3. The horn is situated on the left
4. Push to the right to reverse
5. Push to the left to go forward
6. Push up to turn the light on
7. Pull the brake lever until you hear a click, let go to active riding mode
8. Gently push down on the thumb throttle to ride

How to charge the Black Mamba

1. Plug the charger into the socket on the side
2. A red light will show the battery is being charged
3. A green light will come on when the battery is fully charged
4. Take the charger out and close the cover

How to remove the battery and charge it

1. Open the foot plate and lift it up
2. Switch the battery off by flipping the switch to zero
3. Remove the cable and lift the battery out
4. Plug the charger in and wait for the green light to come on after it’s fully charged
5. Put the battery back inside the unit
6. Securely plug the cable back in
7. Switch the battery on by flipping the switch to one
8. Close the lid

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