We love the journey and seeing where it will take us. Fuelling the spirit of adventure, for those who dare to venture off the beaten path. We aim to inspire others to join us on this journey of endless possibilities, pushing boundaries to unlock new horizons and shape a brighter future for all.

With cutting-edge electric technology and uncompromising durability, we craft vehicles that empower explorers to traverse new terrains with confidence and conscience.

Our road is different road. Join us.

The Black Mamba Quad-E

Introducing The Black Mamba Quad-E.  The 1st Electric mobility ATV designed for Africa and Build Africa Tough ! The Black Mamba offers a new take on what functional electric mobility in African can look like. We have only used the highest-grade material combined with the latest technology to make it durable, easy to service and practical to use.

Join us on a new electric adventure.


Cost Saving

Electric motors require less routine maintenance than a gas-powered vehicle. No need for oil changes, replacing spark plugs and filters. Equivalent gas units run at a 70% higher fuel cost compared to electric units. Overall, the Black Mamba is good for your wallet.


Play or work, we have you covered. The Black Mamba is purpose-built to enhance your work or adventure. It is the perfect Quad if you need to haul tools, carry supplies across the farm, cruise silent through the bush or just need to get out and play. The Black Mamba is versatile enough to get the job done with a smile.


We always knew we had to make a product that is functional, but not all designs fits everyone needs. We  designed and built The Black Mamba so you can add on the accessories you will need;  a seat, front rack, rear rack, surfboard rack or golf rack. Make it to fit your needs.

Black Mamba All Women Anti-Poaching Unit

In 2012, South Africa saw a rise in Rhino poaching. To tackle this, Transfrontier Africa shifted strategies, giving rise to the innovative Black Mamba All-Women Anti-Poaching Unit in 2013. This model trains young rural women to reshape perceptions around wildlife and the environment in the Greater Kruger. Support The Black Mamba APU in their impactful fight against Rhino poaching.

never stand still. Embark.

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